€183 (Excl.VAT)

Root Locus is an analog 12dB/octave multimode filter, based on the CGS512 VCFQ filter. It adds a dual input crossfading mixer with gain control and a variable mode output with cv control for sweeps between filter modes, aiming for an extensive tonal variety! It also features a Ping input that allows for an impressively wide variety of percussive sounds. The sub range switch makes it a very versatile CV filter too, able to filter control voltages as well as transforming it to an  interesting quadrature LFO while in self oscillation.

Features: – Two input crossfading mixer with CV control -Voltage controlled Mode out for smooth sweeps between filter modes – Individual filter outputs for low pass, band pass, notch and high pass filters – Frequency CV input with attenuverter and additional V/oct input – Voltage Controlled Q – Ping input for striking the filter – Sub range switch for filtering control voltages and quadrature LFO operation

Tech specs:


Depth: 30mm, Skiff Friendly!

Power: 47mA @+12V/48mA @-12V

Reverse polarity protected

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