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Cadence is an analog triple decay envelope with a fixed attack time and control over decay time. Each envelope is designed with a very fast attack time and an exponential curve, making it perfect for creating percussive sounds when controlling VCAs and LPGs. Each envelope can be triggered individually and features CV control Decay time and End of Decay time trigger output. Trigger inputs are level-sensitive below 5V meaning that trigger input level variations result in envelope signal out variations. The Link switch connects the Trigger input of a channel to the End of Decay time trigger out of the above channel without losing the functionality of the channel’s trigger input which can be used for trigger variations yielding interesting ratcheting and rhythmic effects. Linking all the 3 envelopes through the switches will render Cadence to behave like a trigger Sequencer with Decay times setting the step length!


– 3 snappy Decay Envelopes with exponential curves

– Fixed 0.8ms Attack time & Decay time up to around 2 second

– Switches to link the envelopes for ratcheting effects

– Acts as Trigger or Envelope Sequencer, without the need of an external trigger

– Velocity sensitive Trigger inputs (when trigger is less than 5V)

– Manual and CV control over Decay time

– Switches to link the envelopes for ratcheting effects

– End of Decay time Trigger output per channel with LED indicator

Tech specs:


Depth: 25mm, Skiff Friendly!

Power: 76mA @+12V/62mA @-12V

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