€108 (Excl.VAT)

Opal is a three-channel Switched Attenuverter and Summing Mixer, for audio and cv signals. It features a 3-position switch per channel that assigns the channel to the corresponding busses (χ/ψ) or muting the channel (middle). All channels can deliver an Offset-voltage of +/-10V max when nothing is plugged into the inputs. Also, channel 3 features a 2x voltage multiplier switch, able to double channels’ voltage. Opal is great for rerouting combinations of signals on the fly, making it a perfect live performance tool!


– 3 channel Attenuverter/Offset/Summing Mixer

– 3-position switch per channel for bus (χ/ψ) assignment or muting

– If nothing is patched in input, each channel can generate -10V to +10V

– Voltage doubler switch on Channel 3

– Bipolar led indicators.

Tech specs:


Depth: 25mm, Skiff Friendly!

Power: 20mA @+12V/20mA @-12V

Reverse polarity protected

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