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Obsidian is a Dual Analog, Voltage Controlled LFO with Triangle and Square wave outs. A Symmetry CV input varies the shape of the Triangle waveform and also the pulse width of the Square wave. The two LFOs are Cross-modulated meaning that if nothing is patched to CV inputs, LFO1 modulates LFO2 Rate and vice versa through the Rate CV Attenuverters. Obsidian also features Sum, Diff, Min, Max analog logic outputs that are fed from the two waveform switches, allowing for a spectacular variety of complex waveforms!


– Two Analogue Complex LFOs with a total of 8 simultaneous outputs

– Triangle and Square waveform outs with Symmetry/Pulse-width CV control

– Frequency range: 1 minute per cycle to 300Hz approximately

– Cross-modulation! LFO1 modulates LFO2 rate and vice versa

– Sum/Diff/Min/Max analogue logic circuits for complex waveforms

– Switches to select which waveforms will be compared by the analogue logic circuits

– Reset inputs for synchronizing the LFOs

Tech specs:


Depth: 25mm, Skiff Friendly!

Power: 51mA @+12V/44mA @-12V

Reverse polarity protected

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